Lumber Liquidators proudly proclaimed on their Facebook page that they were official sponsors for the LPGA Pure Silk Championship. They brought a trailer showroom down to the golf course to show off flooring styles. I question if this is worth the investment, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

The only problem is that the twits in charge of marketing wrote “mobile flooring share room” instead of “mobile flooring showroom” on the Facebook page. It stayed there all weekend.

They corrected the mistake on Sunday night…

You can see the edits in the post history.

How much money did it cost to sponsor this event? Probably a lot. Yet, the company shows zero attention to detail. Truth be told, the online team, especially the bozos in charge of Facebook, have been terribly incompetent for years. The Facebook page is notoriously a hotbed for defacement by unhappy customers and the marketing team usually takes days to delete the negative comments. I have mentioned this to the company many times, but nothing changes.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the Facebook page is a waste of time and likely drives negligible sales. But still, if the company is going to have a Facebook page and pay people to manage it, then they should at least try to do it properly.

Another example of incompetence at the company…

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