I present the following information with very little commentary.

Performance Graph

The following graph compares the performance of our common stock during the period beginning December 31, 2013 through December 31, 2018, to that of the total return index for the NYSE Composite and a Custom Peer Group whose members are listed below assuming an investment of $100 on December 31, 2013.  In calculating total annual stockholder return, reinvestment of dividends, if any, is assumed.  The indices are included for comparative purpose only.  They do not necessarily reflect management’s opinion that such indices are an appropriate measure of the relative performance of our common stock. (Source:Lumber Liquidators Annual Report 10K)

(Source:Lumber Liquidators Annual Report 10K)

$100 invested in Lumber Liquidators in 2013 would now be worth…. $9.25. (And probably less today)

(Source:Lumber Liquidators Annual Report 10K)

Of note,

Cash is down, Total Assets are down,Stockholder Equity is down, Working capital is down.

Total Debt is up, Merchandise inventory is up, but the company added 60 new stores, so obviously it would be up. And the average sale is up, but below the rate of inflation.



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