While shares of LL continue to slide, hitting an almost historic low of under $9.60, management and the board of directors remain silent. Some shareholders might be surprised by the stunning fact that not a single member of management or the board has purchased any shares in the company in many years, despite the abysmally low stock price. This confirms our thinking that neither management, nor the board really cares about shareholders or how the company shares are performing, simply because they have no equity in this “game.”

Certainly, company insiders have been able to accumulate shares in the company over the years, but all of those shares have been granted freely, as part of equity compensation. There have been no open market purchases with cash, in…. maybe half a decade.

LLVC demands that all company named executives and board members immediately initiate open market cash purchases of the company shares. This will not only provide price support, but also re-affirm that the company insiders have faith in the company and in their own ability to drive profitable growth going forward.

Of course, these small purchases by insiders will not compensate the thousands of investors who have collectively lost millions of dollars due to the missteps and follies of leadership, but it can perhaps provide them some solace in knowing that any future losses in equity value will be shared, to some degree, with management.

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