• Lumber Liquidators’ share price dropped to $7.86 this week. The S&P is just points away from an all time high while LL shares are trading near an all time low.
  • LL shareholders are frustrated and angry, and rightfully so. Management at LL has remained completely silent as the stock has fallen 35% in the last 12 trading days. No press release, no public appearance. Nothing.
  • The Board of Directors has taken absolutely no action in the last 2 years to stop the deterioration in the business. LL sales and margins are dropping and customers are flocking to Floor and Decor, a competitors which had less than 70 stores just 3 years ago and which is now on track to have revenue almost twice the size of LL by the end of the year.
  • The Board of Directors has taken absolutely no action in the last 2 years to raise the tumbling stock price which was at $42 in September 2017, but has fallen 80% since then, and now sits at $8.68, below the company IPO price in 2007
  • Lumber Liquidators does not even have a CFO, after Martin Agard unceremoniously resigned 4 months ago.
  • On June 19, 2019, the Lumber Liquidators Value Committee (LLVC) nominated industry expert David Hartman as an independent candidate for appointment to the Board of Directors of Lumber Liquidators. The Board, led by Nancy Taylor, still has not responded to our nomination.

As time passes, the stock price continues to drop. Shareholders continue to suffer. The company continues to perform poorly. Management and the board continue to receive their abundant salaries and to award themselves ever increasing amounts of free stock options and reserved shares.

The current price of $8.68 per share perfectly reflects the stock market’s faith and trust in the leadership of this company. The market is not buying management’s or the board’s bullshit anymore. The market is selling the stock, hand over fist, each and every day. The only thing getting liquidated at LL is the stock price, and shareholder portfolios.

Those are the facts.

Let’s Fix This MESS and Finally Turn This Company Around, Before It’s Too Late.

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