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I pledge to vote NO to EVERYTHING!
I too am sick and tired of seeing this company get destroyed while simultaneously seeing the value of my investment go up in smoke. All the while Dennis Knowles says and does nothing for the shareholders, while receiving over $2M in compensation!
How can a CEO and a Board of Directors not say a word or do anything while the company they oversee goes from $40 per share to $10 per share in little over a year? Since September of 2017, under Dennis Knowles and this Board, the company has had an abysmal track record sinking to a low of $8.81 per share. There is no excuse for this performance! NONE! The market capitalization value of Lumber Liquidators has dropped from $1.15 BILLION to $317 MILLION. That is a whopping $835 MILLION (around 72.5%) loss of market value!
Knowles needs to go!!!