Marvin Gardins
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Institutional owners have to see the writing on the wall here. LL needs to find a merger partner (buyer) or risk losing a good franchise to the changing competitive landscape and the sad tariff situation.

Tariffs will cause losses that LL cannot endure. With an already weak balance sheet and cash position, LL will continue to weaken. They truly cannot afford to spend on a traffic building campaign, and should actually start cost cutting in an effort to trim losses.

I hope management has bigger brains than balls and isn’t being naive here. They really need to hire an IB if they have not done so already.

Every other distributor or sales outlet in building products has been rolled up into groups to lever distribution, general management, and marketing.LL is a holdout, but understandably during the Litigation as no buyer would dare touch them until legal matters had been resolved.

Whats the holdup?