On Monday, November 18th, LL stock was trading in the $9.30 range.

Four days later, on November 22, LL stock is at $8.44.

Down 10% this week.

The stock is trading near historical lows. And all long term shareholders are losing money.

The message is clear – The market has given up on this company and has clearly decided that current management will never be able to execute a turnaround. 

Down, Even With Positive News

Last week, we received some positive tariff news. Basically, the company’s main product import from China, Laminate Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring will be exempt from all tariffs for the next year, and the company will receive a refund from the federal government for all tariffs it has paid. This refund may amount to over $10 million. This is great news. But still, the stock continues to slide lower.

Clearly, the reason the stock is falling is 100% due to the fact that management at LL has been completely useless at turning the company around. The marketing message has been completely lost. Merchandise sales have fallen for years. The obsession with maintaining margins has led to falling sales. And every single management initiative to stimulate sales and profits has failed, completely.

Free-Fall For the Last 2 Years

Let’s Change Things At Lumber Liquidators – Before We Lose Everything

  • Management at LL must be removed.
  • The Board of Directors at LL has enabled this disastrous management team to follow one ill-conceived initiative after another, wasting shareholder money and enriching themselves in the process.
  • The Board of Directors at LL must be changed.
  • It all must stop.
  • We are approaching the end of the line.
  • Competition is increasing and one more failed year will likely be enough to permanently sink Lumber Liquidators.

If you are a shareholder in LL, ask yourself, how does it feel to lose money, every single day, while the stock market is at an all time high? 

How does it feel to see Lowe’s trading at >$100. Home Depot at >$200. Floor and Decor at >$45 . Meanwhile LL stock is sinking 10% per week and is now in the single digits.

Let’s Change Management at LL and Finally Turn This Company Around

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